Action Packs for Sudan Ministry

The Action Pack ministry is what we are currently working on. We will be using the money from fundraising to fill up sacks with much-needed necessities to refugee camps in Sudan. We are filling them with towels, soap, blankets, hats, scarves, T-shirts, jackets, etc. After we send the packs in, they will be distributed to refugee camps in Sudan.

More about Action Packs


In 2011, South Sudan became a country. They are now independent from Sudan. Most people who live in Sudan are Muslim. In South Sudan, most people are either native believers or Christians. Christians are persecuted in both Sudans, so they run away, often thousands of miles, to the nearest refugee camp. The camps are safe, but often not comfortable. The people who get there usually have nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Our Sudan Ministry

These pictures feature children in Sudan–children who have probably been struggling to live all their lives. We are sending Action Packs to children in Sudan. To find out more about Action Packs click here.

About Power of the Cross

Power of the Cross is a Christian based youth group who’s mission is to help persecuted Christians and martyrs and their families.

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In China, the government claims there is freedom of religion, but they are only allowed to go to one big Christian church (The Three-Self Patriotic Movement) , which the government established.

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Come to our musical celebration to support refugees in Sudan. We will be performing Christmas musical pieces for tips. The money will go towards buying and filling Action Packs for the refugees there.

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